Hedrick Middle School, built in 1955 , is one of the two middle schools located in Medford, and with 955 students, the largest middle school in Oregon . The grade levels taught at Hedrick are 7th and 8th.
As of the 2007-08 school year, Hedrick has been housing students in grades 4-6 from Roosevelt Elementary while Roosevelt is being rebuilt; it is slated to reopen in 2009.

Since construction, Hedrick Middle School has undergone major renovations. Most notably between 1996  and 1998 , the school was extensively remodeled with new air conditioning  systems, many new classrooms, and a new cafeteria  and office As of October 1, 2007, the school has 955 Hedrick students and 73 staff members.

The following primary schools feed into Hedrick Middle School:

Abraham Lincoln Elementary 
Hoover Elementary 
Kennedy Elementary 
Lone Pine Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Mission Statement: Hedrick is a community where each member is unique and shares the joy of learning.

Motto: Share the joy of learning.

Mascot: Hornet

School Colors: Maroon and Yellow Gold

Grades: 7-8 Enrollment: 955 Staff: 73